Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

Pre-arrange a Grab-and-Go breakfast. These breakfasts are made available in your kitchen area for an additional cost (+$10/person.)

Our Grab-and-Go breakfasts typically include a number of prepackaged items making them an easy way to bring snacks with you on your morning/afternoon adventures.

Typical items include:

    • Juice
    • Yogurt
    • Two hard-boiled eggs
    • Bagel with cream cheese and jelly.
    • Breakfast bar
    • fruit cup
    • fresh fruit based on available.

We will also arrange any additional or substitutional items on request.


Our Grab-and-Go breakfasts are an easy way to start the day.

* Self-serve Coffee and Teas with creamers and sweeteners are freely available in our kitchen areas. 

**We no longer offer hot meals.